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Bok: Farriery - Foal to Racehorse, NY (tillfälligt parti signerade!)

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Bok: Farriery - Foal to Racehorse av Simon Curtis.

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Bok: Farriery - Foal to Racehorse av Simon Curtis

This  book is for farriers, veterinary surgeons, trainers and  breeders. It  describes farriery involvement, from the newborn foal to  the horse in  training and back to the stud farm. There are over 200  colour prints and  50 diagrams that take the reader through a clear,  methodical assessment  of conformation and hoof shape. Each type of  deformity is described  with treatment options given, also considering  up to date techniques for  managing conditions of the foot and limb.

Nytryckt upplaga med pappersomslag, "ej inbunden". 

Tillfälligt parti signerade av Simon Curtis.

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